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Why Choose ADTDS ?

In the current world, creative and innovative skills are in high demand. Designing a product, furniture, or the interior of a house requires appropriate knowledge and skills. AD The Design School equips the students to build and adapt spaces according to the changing needs of the current world. We aim at preparing students for the trending professions.

By providing quality education in different courses, including interior design, furniture design, product design, and fine arts, we help in boosting the career of our students. Our highly experienced faculties at AD The Design School are dedicated to providing the best knowledge to the students. With rich professional experience in the major industries, they share their personal experiences to motivate the students.

With advanced infrastructure, AD The Design School creates the perfect environment for the students to learn and achieve their career goals. With modern amenities, the institute is equipped with everything that a student requires.

We are committed to nurturing the budding talents and lead them in the path that will take them close to their dreams. With the changing national and international environment, we align our education to match the current trends. We offer much more than just the course certifications.

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About Us

At AD the design school we recognize that students are a fundamental part of the educational community and that without their contribution the growth of the different industries would not be the same, you are our best representative who with talent and dedication contributes to the positioning of our institution.

For this reason, our commitment to you does not end; we believe it is important to maintain a close bond that is strengthened by the accompaniment we can offer so that you can continue to achieve your next achievements.


Our first preference is to focus on quality education and provide students opportunities to gain immense knowledge through our valuable programs. We always aim to implement best efforts to create a professional, but a comfortable environment for better growth.

Our highly-experienced faculty staff are very helpful and cooperative. They share their own experiences in professional industry and motivate students to perform well in their career. With exposures to all the major industries, we know what’s best for our students.

We create a transformative practice of constant updating, whose principle is the academic quality focused on the countrywide and international scope and, so, creator of research processes, and social ledge, and progress, principles of the philosophy of our design school.

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AD The Design School acknowledges students to have the best experience in interior design, fine arts, and various other trending programs. We are committed towards to the quality of training for our valuable students. Our initiative for better education will always remain on fundamental priority.

We will be acknowledged in the standard term as a flagship design school of the Indian educational community that understands the intense changes of the national and international environment and that responds to education with innovation, modernism, and proposals. As a result, it will be an example of educational growth in applied arts, based on quality, respect, and equity.

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Objectives we are fulfilling at ADTDS

  1. Promote spaces for physical and virtual encounters between the institution and its graduates and among themselves, which generate a sense of belonging to the Institution.
  2. Position the graduates in the professional world.
  3. Provide exclusive and relevant services to the community of graduates that benefit their personal, professional and family development throughout their lives.
  4. Link the graduates to participate voluntarily in the development of the Institution and contribute to it.
  5. Coordinate the institutional activities that ensure the convocation of the graduates and their organizations, to strengthen the links with the Institution.
  6. Ensure that the AD the design school graduate and masters’ programs and organizations are adequately linked to the Information System to achieve better communication between the Institution and its graduates.

ADTDS offers more than certification. It allows its students to obtain a complete education, in an integrating, warm and dynamic environment. It pushes students to grow their entrepreneurial skills and shove them into innovation, completely assuming their position in society as natives of the earth.

Spirit of ADTDS

  • Management skills for entrepreneurs
  • Development of business opportunities in the industry
  • Work methods favoring professional development
  • Ability to create a contact network in the industry
  • Skills to formulate a business plan
  • Demonstration of mobilizing leadership, autonomy, rigor, professionalism, and self-confidence

Sophisticated Infrastructure

Inaugurated in the year 2005, AD the design school is the work of visionary educationist. The infrastructure has spaces to house classrooms, offices, living rooms and thematic laboratories. High quality materials were used for its construction, as well as the coating of cornet steel, material that was chosen to age next to the building and that also makes it possible to distinguish with the spaces of classrooms, offices, patios and circulations, conceived with concrete and light wood inwards.

Interior Design, Fine Arts & Photography Courses

AD The Design School is a great institute for the students who want to be the upcoming professionals.