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Director ADTDS

Mr. Vikash Kumar Saini


Globalization has altered the scenario to allow more interaction with the global MARKET, and the transition of time is evidence to indicate the progress over the last couple of decades. Today, design is considered to be a high end profession which is associated not only with high remuneration, but also provides global recognition and fame. However, the profession in itself is extremely niche, because it demands a lot more than just hard work and pure commitment onwards the profession. Design cannot be objectively judged as right or wrong, but the appreciation of the end product leads to the final outcome of the whole process as being defined as a "GOOD DESIGN or a BAD DESIGN"

India is currently considered a developing nation and the potential of professional aids is being widely recognized. However, these are acquired at a cost, so it is very important for a training academy to ensure that the student is equipped with the necessary tools, not only academically, but also in terms of the correct exposure to widen one’s horizons and to develop an intellectual and competitive outlook. . Since the inception of this institute, I believe that the academic department has been provided with the freedom to ensure that the programs under the Design School benefit the students so as to transform them into thorough professionals.