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Why choose Fine Art (Painting and Sculpture) Course ?

Fine arts is a relatively new course that opens the door of opportunities for the students. In a highly competitive world, taking up the unique course of fine arts can give an opportunity to build a successful career. AD The Design School offers top-notch fine arts courses.

The institute imparts in-depth knowledge about the basic concepts of fine arts to the students. Along with the theoretical concepts, the faculties at AD The Design School focus on providing practical exposure for a better understanding of the students. The illustrative examples and the workshops provided at the institute helps in reinforcing the gained theoretical knowledge.

The faculty members with core expertise in the fine arts industry share their valuable knowledge and experiences with the students. The institute believes in creating the perfect atmosphere to provide personalized experiences to the students.

Throughout the course programs, the faculties keep working on enhancing the knowledge and skill sets of the students to help them build a successful professional career. They provide all the requisite materials and support to help the student complete the certification courses with flying colors. Providing quality education in fine arts is the core aim of AD The Design School.

There is a belief about art subjects that they have very good jobs, but this is not true. If you choose integrated courses instead of traditional studies after graduation, you can fulfill the dream of a better job. What you have done in the undergraduate, the more important it is, the more important you are in the course of graduation. Often students graduate into any prevalent course after graduation. In the course of completion of the course, you are strongly focused, but the push comes when it does not work in your professional life. As a result, you cannot choose your preferred career.


The proposal is to access the representation in sketch and perspective from the basic concepts and the corresponding tools, and also, as appropriate in each case, retake previous knowledge reinforcing theoretical aspects and exercising them at a higher level.

Incorporate and exercise the geometric and perceptual foundations that regulate the graphic construction of spaces and volumes. The field of application in Design and Architecture comprises the modeling and elaboration of projects, as well as the elements for their presentation.

Modality of the Course: theoretical-practical workshop, with simultaneous exercise in class and illustration of examples through projections. Usual elements of freehand and precision drawing and in some classes color will be used.

Courses Offered

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

  • Duration : 4 Years
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  • Duration : 3 Years
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  • Duration : 2 Years
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  • Duration : 1 Year
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  • Duration : 6 Months
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  • Duration : 3 Months
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What are the fine arts courses offered at AD The Design School?

The fine arts courses offered by AD The Design School are:

  1. Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) – 4 Years
  2. Master Diploma in Fine Art – 3 Years
  3. Advance Diploma in Fine Art – 2 Years
  4. Diploma in Fine Art – 1 Year
  5. Advance Certificate in Fine Art – 6 Months
  6. Basic Certificate in Fine Art – 3 Months

Is Art Education necessary or any particular subject requirement for admission?

No, there is no requirement of former education in Art Education or any other particular subject for getting admission to the fine art course of AD The Design School. Students with any background can apply for the courses.

What are the grounds on which the candidates are selected for fine art?

There is certain minimum qualification required that makes the candidates eligible for applying to the courses at AD The Design School.

To apply for the Bachelor's program, the students must have passed or appeared the 10+2 qualifying exam from a recognized board. To apply for the Master's program, the students must have passed or appeared for the 10+2+3 qualifying exams.

Only after fulfilling the eligibility criteria, the candidates can apply for the courses. The candidates then have to appear for the entrance exam, followed by a personal interview. Based on the performance in the interview, the candidates are selected for the fine art course in AD The Design Course.

What are the documentation lists required during the admission process?

The list of documents that are required during the admission process are:

  1. Photographs
  2. Age Proof
  3. Address Proof
  4. Marksheets
  5. Certificates
  6. ID Proof

What is the scope of fine arts in the current scenario?

The demand for fine arts is increasing in the present times. The sector of fine arts is rapidly creating opportunities for growth. The field of fine arts equips talented individuals with an opportunity to gain prestige and popularity along with high remuneration.

What are the different job roles that the students can take up after course?

The job opportunities available for students completing the Fine Arts courses are:

  1. Graphic Designer
  2. Painter
  3. Artist
  4. Visualizing Professional
  5. Craft Artist
  6. Art Professional
  7. Digital Designer
  8. Art Director
  9. Illustrator
  10. Art Director

What are the different industries that hire the students after courses?

Fine Art courses are in high demand. The different industries that hire students having completed the Fine Art courses are:

  1. Textile Industry
  2. Publishing Houses
  3. Advertising Companies
  4. Design Manufacturing Companies
  5. Magazine
  6. Digital Media

What are the areas of the test included in the entrance examination?

The different areas of the test included in the entrance exam are:

  1. General Knowledge
  2. English Comprehension
  3. Design and Creativity
  4. Basic Mathematics and Logic
  5. Observational Drawing and Imaginative abilities
  6. Creative writing and Imaginative skills.

Does institute offers any preparation class before admission?

No, AD The Design School does not offer any preparatory classes for the candidates interested in taking admission in the courses of the institutes.