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There is a belief about art subjects that they have very good jobs, but this is not true. If you choose integrated courses instead of traditional studies after graduation, you can fulfill the dream of a better job. What you have done in the undergraduate, the more important it is, the more important you are in the course of graduation. Often students graduate into any prevalent course after graduation. In the course of completion of the course, you are strongly focused, but the push comes when it does not work in your professional life. As a result, you cannot choose your preferred career.


The proposal is to access the representation in sketch and perspective from the basic concepts and the corresponding tools, and also, as appropriate in each case, retake previous knowledge reinforcing theoretical aspects and exercising them at a higher level.

Incorporate and exercise the geometric and perceptual foundations that regulate the graphic construction of spaces and volumes. The field of application in Design and Architecture comprises the modeling and elaboration of projects, as well as the elements for their presentation.

Modality of the Course: theoretical-practical workshop, with simultaneous exercise in class and illustration of examples through projections. Usual elements of freehand and precision drawing and in some classes color will be used.

Courses Offered

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

  • Duration : 4 Years
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  • Duration : 3 Years
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  • Duration : 2 Years
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  • Duration : 1 Year
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  • Duration : 6 Months
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  • Duration : 3 Months
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