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AD the Design School offers a wide variety of courses, advanced courses, experts and masters in the areas of Product Design, Interior Design and Furniture Design, Painting & Sculptures adapted to the latest market needs. Being a popular choice for many students, AD the Design School always focus on delivering quality education. With core expertise of various industries and immense knowledge, our faculty members are always ready to provide best solutions for the queries of students. With solid years of experience, AD the Design School has created perfect atmosphere for innovative students to get quality training. We always value the capabilities of our students, and hence we make sure to provide the best support through professional teaching.

At AD The Design School our highest objective is students’ satisfaction. Our innovative and personalized philosophy makes our studios a unique offer in design training, which allows you to obtain professional certifications by combining studies with your daily life. Study when and where you want, it is possible through our Virtual Campus where you will find all the graphic and visual materials, in addition to maintaining continuous contact with your teaching team and staff of AD The Design School.

Our Faculty: Our faculty members are highly qualified professionals for teaching and with a recognized prestige in the business sector of design.

Our methodology: adapted and flexible, based on "learning by doing", makes it possible to combine study and your daily life. You make the rhythm.

Value of our Certification: by getting knowledge and skill set through our training programs, you will be globally certified to choose and follow a professional career path in relative field.


  1. Knowledge of the trends and cutting-edge technological instruments in the industry.
  2. Learning of an opening that favors technological agility.
  3. Capacity for creativity with a reflective approach.
  4. Intellectual curiosity and openness to continuous training.
  5. Ability to be self-taught in their professional development.
  1. Awareness of the cultural, social and economic diversity of today's world.
  2. Awareness to promote sustainable development, respect for the environment, ethics, and healthy habits.
  3. Ability to communicate ideas, concepts or projects.
  4. Development of necessary skills to be part of teams, such as respect for oneself and others, team spirit, an openness of spirit and ability to adapt to each situation.
  5. Openness to professional development opportunities, locally and internationally.


AD The Design School offers regular courses for Interior Design and Fine Art.

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Interior Design and Fine Arts Courses

AD The Design School is a great institute for the students who want to be the upcoming professionals.

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